Short English Biography

MARCOS DESSAUNE is the author of the innovative Diversion of the consumer's productive resources theory: the harm of time wasted and of life altered, which has been transforming Brazilian case law. He is also the author and translator of the world's first Customer Service Code (CSC), which sets out a new global standard of service delivery and customer experience. MARCOS DESSAUNE has also written the fun and educative book Stories of a Superconsumer, which has received special attention from the national media. As of 2009, his works have been published by Editora Fundo de Cultura and by Editora RT - Thomson Reuters, and since 2017 they have been published in an Author's Special Edition.

In addition to writing, MARCOS DESSAUNE works as lecturer, consultant, and attorney specializing in consumer issues, being a member of the Brasilcon Institute.

MARCOS DESSAUNE is a graduate in Law from Estácio de Sá University (Brazil), from which he has received the "Distinguished Person of the Year" prize, as well as a graduate in Business from Indiana University Bloomington (USA), whose president has awarded him an honorable mention.

MARCOS DESSAUNE continued his studies in Quality Service at Disney University (USA) and at the Getúlio Vargas Foundation (Rio de Janeiro), as well as receiving mediation training from the Offices of the Ombudsmen of Belgium and Portugal.

MARCOS DESSAUNE founded, and ran for 10 years, Brazil's first website dedicated to mediating consumer disputes, the, whose defining image was his cartoon of a "super consumer" drawn by cartoonist Chico Caruso.

MARCOS DESSAUNE has been featured in Brazil's most influential newspapers, magazines, and TV programs. His appearances on the Jô Soares talk show, on Fantástico, on GloboNews, and on Sem Censura particularly stand out.

MARCOS DESSAUNE studied Classical Music in his early years. In 1986, he was appointed the sole representative for, and later the Brazilian sales director of the 194-year-old Austrian piano manufacturer Bösendorfer. This is a brand with a rich tradition, of high quality and of high cost that imbued in him a strong customer orientation, while fostering his interest in developing effective customer service programs in Brazil, where he launched, promoted and marketed Bösendorfer's exclusive products for 14 years with success recognized even by the Austrian government.

At that time, MARCOS DESSAUNE also worked as international musical producer collaborating with artists such as Antonio Carlos (Tom) Jobim and Oscar Peterson, while partnering projects with IBM Brazil, Rio de Janeiro City Hall, and the governments of Vienna and of Austria.